Vision, Mission, Goals & Objectives


Siquijor State College as the Center of Excellence in Higher and Technical-Vocational Education in the Province of Siquijor.


To Provide effective and excellent higher and technical-vocational education in the different areas through instruction, research, extension and production and serve as catalyst and partner for local, regional and national growth and development.

Goals and Objectives

To accomplish its mission, the College shall:
1. Provide graduate, undergraduate and technical education which meet international standards of excellence;
2. Provide knowledge and skills which are relevant and responsive to the needs of business and industry both locally and internationally;
3. Broaden access of deserving and qualified students of the immediate service areas to higher education opportunities;
4. Strengthen school research and extension services in the community;
5. Optimize social, institutional and individual returns and benefits derived from the utilization of Siquijor State College resources.