The College Seal

SSC Logo

The College Logo (Seal) which was duly approved by the Board of Trustees is the insignia of Siquijor State College and is depicted by the symbols contained in the circle. It is as follows: At the center of the circle is a lamp of wisdom resting on the book of knowledge.

          It is enclosed by an equilateral blue triangle with the text: INSTRUCTION, RESEARCH, and EXTENSION signifying the three major concerns of institution of higher learning. Its apex represents the guidance of the Almighty God in the pursuit of the school’s goals and the fulfillment of its quest for truth and excellence. Encircling it are seventy-five (75) laurel leaves representing the fruitful years of the school prior to its conversion to a state college.           It is surrounded by two golden rings depicting UNITY and SUCCESS, and a charcoal gray scallop signifying barriers, constraints and challenges from outside forces. Engraved on it are two numerical figures “1920” and “1995”, indicating two historical epochs of the institution, namely, its establishment as a sub-provincial high school and its conversion into a state college, respectively. It is dominantly painted with WHITE which signifies INDUSTRY, INTEGRITY, SINCERITY and the school’s dedicated service for HUMANITY. The BLUE color represents DETERMINATION to succeed, GOLD represents COMMITMENT towards academic excellence and GLOBAL COMPETITIVENESS and GRAYrepresents STRENGTH in hurdling obstacles and trials.