Office of Student Affairs


The Office of the Student Affairs (OSA) complements and supplements the formal academic curriculum. It is tasked to provide opportunities for students to acquire the skills, knowledge, attitude and desirable values needed in their adjustment to the educational environment and prepare them for the larger community outside of the school. The office also provides other opportunities and assistance for the students’ total development.


1. Helps the student understand himself/herself better in terms of his/her personality,

interest, abilities, and aptitude through Psychological Tests and referrals; and provides

effective counseling services to students with personal, social, and academic problems to enable them to become well-rounded individuals and socially responsible citizens. (Guidance and Counseling)

2. Designs and supports activities towards leadership skills development, community service commitment and social well-being of students. (Student Activities and Organization)

3. Facilitates the integral physical growth and development of students’ God-given talents and skills through various sports and artistic expression activities that will develop their

collaborative skills and further enhance their character. (PECAS)

4. Ensures the school community’s optimum health with accessible responsive quality

medical and dental services including health education programs and wellness activities. (Health Services)

5. Offers nutritious and affordable meals in a safe and hygienic environment for a healthy and productive educational community. (Food Services)

6. Provides opportunities for scholarship and financial assistance programs through

linkages with private, government and non-government agencies. (Scholarship and Financial


7. Provides a housing service that is conducive for learning, resting and recreation. (Housing Services)

8. Delivers effective library services through the provision of updated sufficient learning materials and orients the students on the proper use of library resources. (Library)

9. Develops responsible campus journalism skills with objective and responsive expression of student experiences, observations and suggestions for a better school community. (Student Publication)

10. Establishes linkages with other learning institutions and agencies to supplement academic instruction and eventual employment of graduates. (External Placement Office)