Guidance Center


The Guidance and Counseling Office is vital to any educational institution.  Its aim is to help clients discover and develop their educational, vocational and psychological capacities and for them to realize their self-worth and aspirations.  Being an integral part of the educational system, the Guidance Office plays an active role in honing the full potential of the students as it delivers responsive and effective services not only to its target clientele but also to the faculty, staff and parents.


Individual Inventory Services

            This service is designed to gather all reliable data, information and records of the students.  It uses the data to better understand the students’ behaviour. 

Information Services

            This service provides information not ordinarily provided by regular classroom instruction.  It delivers a continuous program on opportunities for education, and issues concerning personal and social adjustment.  It is the responsibility of the Guidance Office to provide education and information through seminars, workshops, trainings, fora and the like.

Counseling Services

            As the heart of the Guidance Program, counseling services assist students develop their potentials in resolving life’s problems and looking for the best alternative solutions in order to make intelligent decisions as a self-directed individual.  Counseling activity includes:

  • Personal Adjustment
  • Counseling students who violated school rules and regulations

Testing Services

            Information necessary for effective guidance, teaching and learning, along with a number of specific techniques for collecting data may be obtained objectively from test results.  Test results provide valuable knowledge concerning the psychological make-up of the students in terms of his mental ability, achievements, interest, aptitudes, personality and character.