Technology offers best things to mankind and despite its dangerous counterparts, it still brings various benefits which deserve to be celebrated.

The College of Technology (COT) Week celebration was held at the Audio Visual Room (AVR. The discussions during the program tackled several topics and some of which were high technologies: its advantages and disadvantages, privacy issues like fake or illegal networking sites which ask for personal information such as passwords, complete name or profile, etc.

The first part of the program ended at 12 pm and the free lunch followed, where they unite over food and stream of conversations. At exactly 1 pm, two competitions were set to reveal the concealed talents of the students in playing Mobile Legends and their best techniques in programming.

The program was indeed a successful one and it couldn’t be denied that the COT students enjoyed the series of activities wherein they did not just merely laugh but was also inspired and motivated to use technology in its most useful way.