16 AACCUP Accreditors Visit SSC

By: Rowelyn Cardente

Towards the vision of Siquijor State College to be the center of quality and excellence in Higher and Technical-Vocational Education in the province of Siquijor and with it as a guiding light, AACCUP Level II Accreditation Survey Visit was held on September 8-11, 2015. The said survey was for the six programs namely: Master in Public Management, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology, Bachelor of Science in Criminology, Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management (for their second survey) and Master in Educational Management for its third survey (revisiting Area V).

The evaluative process was made possible with the expert help of the highly honored group of accreditors. The team was led by Dr. Gabriel C. Delariarte (WVSU) who, at the same time was the coordinator of Cluster I. Along with him were Dr. Jay Jay M. Pisuena (CHMSC), the team leader for Master in Public Management together with Prof. Marlen S. Gloria (WVSU), Dr. Riza Stephanie A. Alfares (NNSCST), Prof. John D. Navarro (NIPCS), and Prof. Benilda N. Yap(Library) (BU); for BS Tourism Management, Dr. Nestor C. Sedanza (LNU) was the team leader who was accompanied by Prof. Ria T. Monsale (ISATU), Dr. Alfares, Prof. Navarro and Prof. Yap; Dr. Lina A. Azuelo (WVSU) led the team for BS Criminology together with Prof. Kert. D. Pillora (GSC), Dr. Alfares, Prof. Yap, Prof. Navarro and Dr. Delariarte. For Cluster II, Dr. Analiza G. Alangilan (ISCOF) was the coordinator and the team leader as well for BS Information Technology together with Dr. Edwin H. Bugna (CHMSC), Dr. Rose May Cora P. Lagon (WVSU), Prof. Christina B. Ganadores (NIPSC), Prof. Neria E. Gomez (Lib.) (NIPSC); for BS Industrial Technology, Prof. Marilyn B. Causing (NIPSC), the team leader, was teamed up again with the previous team members for BSInfoTech. Lastly, Dr. Gabriel C. Delariarte revisited the Area V for Master in Educational Management.

The team of experts was welcomed with warm salutation as they used their professional skills in accrediting SSC.

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